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Moving to Germany

What We Need to Know Before Coming to Germany

Every year, a large number of foreign students come to take higher education in Germany. Low-cost high-quality education is available in Germany. However, prior to landing on the plane to Germany, students need to know some things. Read them.

There is no tuition fee, however

There are no tuition fees in 16 public universities in Germany. This is true. However, the conditions apply. There is an opportunity to apply for a specific degree program in public universities. In that case, the locals will have to accept the condition that they are studying, and also the foreigners will accept them. Study Abroad is not free in the program and private institute.

Pull over the mentality of more work

As a foreign student, you can determine how much work you can work on. Students of the European Union or EU’s no-one-passport holder can work 120 days a full day or 240 days a half day. Also, during the semester, more than 20 hours of work can not be done. Well, do not try to do extra work secretly. Catching can be a big problem.

Apply for a donation as appropriate

Hopefully, there are various donations and fellowship arrangements for foreign students in Germany. Whatever you are doing, if you are talented and willing to work hard for higher education, then you can apply for the donation. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has the most support in this regard. However, the application for donation would be like professionals.

Visa complexity

Visiting a visa in Germany for students from developing countries is a little complicated. They have to apply for a long time and apply for a visa. And after coming to Germany, it is sometimes possible to go to ‘ ausländerbehörde’ or at a government office scheduled for foreigners.

Keep a copy of everything

After coming to Germany you will receive several letters regularly. Even when some kind of dirt can be kept in front of the house, you will also know by letter. It will be wise to store all the letters. But do not make the mistake of answering as required. A boring part of living in Germany is the country’s complex bureaucratic process. These letters are part of the process.

Many advantages of speaking German

It is also true, Germany’s big cities are not known in Germany. Besides, there are several universities which have the opportunity to study in English. If you learn a few German languages then living in the country will be much easier. And if you want to work in Germany after learning, it is very important to know the language. In this case, Deutsche Welle German Language Learning Course can help you.

You have to help yourself

Although private colleges in the US are costly, students take much care. If the student misses a class continually it is informed. Whenever there is a program on campus, students are also interested in informing the students. German universities have an exception in this regard. It is your responsibility to check when and where the class is and whether a program is running.

Stay with the Germans

Large universities in Germany arrange accommodation for foreign students. However, it is not mandatory to take their services. Many times the students of the university’s chosen apartment are not liked. Hopefully, there are many websites to choose from where to stay. The job is hard. But where the German students live in trying areas. Then learning the language will be easy for you.

You are not alone

As a student, living in Germany may seem very difficult at the beginning. It seems that you are alone doing so much hard work. But the fact is, many of you have worked hard like you and took higher education in Germany. So learn to solve your own problem yourself. For this, you can get help from various online forums.

Will you stay or go?

Although early Germany may seem difficult to live in, the country may start to feel like you gradually. This has happened to many. Depending on the degree, the job, and the safe life – you might want to stay in Germany once. Or will you leave or you will fall into the shock. Your responsibility to decide, we just kept telling you in advance.