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What is the IELTS

What is the IELTS, why and how?

IELTS, an internationally accredited completion of the English language proficiency test. Everyone who wants to study or work in different countries, everyone has to prove their skills in the English language, and IELTS is the skill proof test.
Earlier, only the European countries needed scores, but now universities and colleges in the United States and Canadian universities also receive scores.
Age restriction or educational qualification is not required for participation in IELTS examinations. Anyone can take part in this examination. British Council and IDP are the organizations operating in Bangladesh


Examination Method

Graduate, postgraduate or Ph.D. students can be examined in the academic module and will be given in the General module for admission in technical departments. If you want to go to immigration, you will have to study in the general module, and you will have to know before you can test in any module. IELTS exams are in four parts – Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.


Here are some parts of books, journals, newspapers, and magazines. To answer the correct answer, short answer, complete sentence, etc. In one hour three candidates will have to give 40 answers to the candidates.


Here are two questions to answer in an hour. In the first question, there is usually a chart or diagram, the second question is asked to present an argument or argument on a subject. The answer to the first question is to write 150 words, the second is a little number, it should be written in 250 words. Less than this should not be written.


There is a fair examination of three sections in the 11 to 15 minutes. Some common questions are asked in the first section, such as family, friends, work etc. The second section is to talk two minutes on a specific topic. Earlier, a minute was given for preparation. In the third division, four to five minutes conversation with the students on specific subjects.


This section has to answer questions from the CD. During the examination, audio CDs are delivered on any topic about talks, conversations or any other topic. The answers to the questions in answer to this question are written from here. The exam is in 30 minutes. The last 10 minutes are given for answering all the answers from the question paper. A question is heard once. Here are the short answers, the correct answers to these questions.


Scoring is done on a scale of 1-9. The band is scored separately in four parts, and a full score is given by the average of four parts. If you can score the required score, the purpose of this test will be successful, there is no point in the pass or fail. For admission to good universities, the score is 6.5 to 7.5. The band score at a university is good for the individual. The full score is good but if you score less than one, you cannot get admission. In that case, you need to be aware of the minimum scores.

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