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Student Accommodation in UK

Whilst you are staying in the UK, you will have a difference of student accommodation options obtainable to you. Your option will depend exceedingly on whether your college or university has halls of domicile, what city you are located in, and the extent of your monthly budget.

When you sign up for a individual college or university, you will need to allude that you will crave accommodation (if not you have something pre-arranged). Do not presume that you will automatically be given accommodation, but usually as an international student you will be conferred precedence over other students.

One very significant tip – once you have been adopted into a program, start looking and arranging accommodation right away! Places fill up very rapidly and claim usually surpass supply.

Halls of Residence

Halls are a great way to meet new people. They are massive buildings, sometime separated into flats where you will have else a single room or apportion with another student. The room itself may be prime, and if it does not have an en-suite bathroom, sectarian ones will be provided. Commonly the hall will give basic furniture such as a bed, desk and chair and the residuum you will have to supply.

Most halls of habitation have a canteen where food is supplied (at a cost) to students. As an international student the food may be uncouth, but a good way to imbrue yourself in the culture of the UK. Halls are either single or mixed sex, so if you have a bias for either you will necessity to make this very clear to your university from the commencement when choosing where to live.

Apart from the rooms, there are also sectarian areas that could have a bar (it is lawful to drink alcohol at 18 in the UK), TV, pool table, etc…

Self Catered Halls

Many international students prefer the self-catered option because it approves them the liberty to cook their own food and on their own catalog. Self-catered halls are very analogous to standard halls of habitation, but there is also a schismatic kitchen obtainable to all hall residents. Be caution, though – schismatic kitchens can become places where only the burly of heart dare to adventure!

Flats/ Houses

Typically students live in halls during their first year, as it makes synthesize to campus life much straight and helps in making friends. In their second and third years, some students choose to move into a house or flat which is not part of the university.

If you do move into a flat or house, you will have to sign a tenancy contract, which is a lawful document mark out the terms of the tenancy. Be very cautious to make sure you completely understand the terms and issues of the agreement, and if you do have any suspicion talk to your international student instructor who can help you further.

A flat or house is commonly more costly than any other option, and you may find it difficult to find accommodation that is intimate to your campus. However many students like the independence to live where they select, live with whom they like and select the type of place they want to live in. With halls, you don’t have this elasticity.

Travel Accommodations


Many students across the world take into account about travelling or studying outdoors at some point in their degree. Howsoever, unfortunately, money is a massive ascertaining role here – particularly when you have to take accommodation, visa cost and flight tickets into account. Many students, who plan on studying or travelling abroad, want to outing the world and see more of the country/continent where their inviter institution is located. For instance, if you are perusing abroad at a university in Europe, then you’ll expressly want to visit cities such as London, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin.

It can be comparatively inexpensive flying from one country to the other in Europe, with less cost airlines such as Ryanair, German Wings and Easy Jet. However, when trying to search affordable accommodation – particularly at peak times- can be very hard. Hostels are generally the best wager here, however, staying in private accommodation is also a good substitute option to take into account, if you are looking to save some money.

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