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Higher Education in Germany: Some Suggestions

It should be prepared to keep in mind those who come out of the country to be fully aware of it. There are long-term preparations for higher education outside the country. If there is an error in the development, then everything is scurrilous. Higher education can be a danger without being blessed. Therefore, it is better to proceed with knowingly prepared beforehand with excellent preparation.

There are not many tuition fees in universities in Germany, so many students from many countries come here to read. That is the United States, Australia, other European countries, the Middle East and Asia. But only in Germany if just higher education is the primary target, then only English can be carried out. But professional jobs are impossible. Germany is called Land of Technology. Here are the possibilities for those who have the passion for computer science, programming, and electrical engineering. In that case language skills B2 or C1.

Foreign countries are taught to children from our neighboring schools in India. Having a Bachelor of Computer Science in their computer for a long time, Germany has made some credit for every Semester. During the reading of the bachelor, search the German job market or internship online to prepare yourself according to the criteria. So after completing course after the direct bachelor, I got a job opportunity without the masters. Many children of German join Ausbildung and join the job. What we call our country diploma. Many people of Iseinduundung who do not have so much talent like higher education or research. Workers like in the country as well as the researchers need. The nation can not run with hundred percent researchers or workers. So there is a chance to read diploma abroad. Here, there is a chance to study diploma in girls’ nursing by looking after babysitter or child at home for a year. Many Nepalese girls are learning a language, and they are studying in a nursing diploma here. On the other hand, who came to Bachelor of Master Bachelor, benefit from getting a part-time job, if you have already done B2.

Although some subjects get higher education opportunities, job opportunities are not enough in Germany, if not know the language. For example, if I say such journalism, it is an excellent opportunity to study. But the media is a language game, where English is done with higher education, but the power to get jobs is insufficient. In the case of the same architect or civil engineer. German and Germany will be able to gain employment opportunities in English and GRE. There are many tuition fees in the United States or the United Kingdom. In that case, scholarship has to be arranged earlier. Because the learning is insufficient. GRE or IELTS score motivation proves publication to get the scholarship. So if the higher education is free of cost in Germany, then many languages are uncovered.

Children of the humanities and commerce department have the opportunity to know very well. Europe’s research is still the best in the world to know about the environment. Mechanical engineers also have to learn how to sit on the machine all day. Business children have to do the compulsory internship while studying bachelor. So that the skills and abilities to implement real life are developed. Agricultural University has to run laboratory experiments in the fields of laboratories for hands-on education. Universities in Europe have the opportunity to learn a lot; they can be used in later life. However, there is very little chance of employment without language here. Those who come to Bachelor, after learning the language, have the opportunity to do well in their job or career. But the beginning is not too easy for them. Therefore, high school students should learn and prepare language and start making for the school.

The competition here is with children and children from all over the country. Those who have the better background or essential than before. Like children from China, Japan, Australia and the United States and other countries in Europe also come to Germany. Again, those who go from Germany to other countries also have to take a different language test. If the United States is France or Britain in France or Britain, then GRE or Europe. Because now the age of globalization International trade and commerce Higher education research is critical in all languages. Because only a country cannot come forward with its tongue. Learning the word is not just for our country but for the people of the world. In France, children are taught French and German languages. Most people in India know at least two to three words. Because there are 100 languages in the country. People of one province speak Hindi and English with people of other areas.

Another aspect of exile is the study of abroad, and life is not like the country. There is no work to clean the house by washing cooking, rubbing or dishes. All is to do it yourself. She should be born with a gold cup face or a daughter of a millionaire. If you want to study at university, stay at home or stay at home – everything is done by cooking, market, house, bathroom, basin, kitchen and dirt bucket.

And at the street bends, our country does not have a restaurant like ours, where we can eat a little for the class. Before going to bed at night, I have to think that I will go to level after eating in the morning and she is in the house. Sleep breaks into the oven or toaster bread and then have to get ready immediately. It’s a big challenge to do everything in exile in time. Because here live, the train runs all the clock. There is no way to be able to get one minute in this way.

If you go out for a whole day or in the class, then you have to take food, coffee mug, water bottle filled with all the bags. Because there is no scope to drink tea at tea shops in the street. There is only one canteen in our large campus. There is no food and beverage coffee arrangements at noon. But he was bought with food pennies. I did not eat wholeheartedly with a lot of hunger any day in this one year.

And at the campus one-time cup or mug made other waste, it was very discouraged. So everyone prefers to wear a bottle of water on a backpack before going out of the house, carrying water bottles, coffee mugs, juice, chocolate and lunch with lunch. Classes, libraries, studies, part-time work-all over the house and again the next day’s preparations. Here’s a four-hour course. Eight hours or more can be done in the class. If you have language or have any other types as well. There are no rickshaws in city-market, school-college, university campus. Boys and little boys go out of the bike, and there is an excellent way to keep cycles beside bus stop or train stations everywhere.

There are opportunities to decorate furniture, carpets, sofas or various types of painting in the hall houses of my university. But after the expiry of the stay in the house, it is necessary to rewash the house after dying. I was in Germany one year in October. I had to paint my house when the dormitory had expired. Finding a Home Abroad- Another Dangerous I was anxious how I could do all. Taking the floor of the house to seven story-eight floor-room is not a big talk. Friends here help too. Starting from the color of my house, I asked them repeatedly what they need. A friend dragged a little fridge from the ground floor to the 6th floor. German girls helped me to write applications for home and find a home.

The children here are dehydrated to see the hard work of sticks and thin and thin, but their performance is much higher, it is possible to do the part-time job. At first, it was tough. Now I have learned a lot in this one year. And most of the freedom here is walking around the streets, whether in the middle of the day or midnight. There is a strange language that can be seen in the colors of nature and very well. That is not available in the city’s racket.

It seems too complicated to hear so much responsibility and busy. But they taught me to take responsibility for myself. When I came to Germany, I feel there is no discrimination between people here. Rich and poor are all equal; there is no discrimination on black or black above black.

In the country where there is a higher education plan, there are two types of preparations to return to the state and to find employment there. So if you expect higher education, then you have to prepare for the school. Whether it’s Europe or America. Seven is not available for the IELTS, nor does it require a long time to get the desired score of GRE. So, knowing that abroad has succeeded in higher education and career.

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