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Higher Education in Canada- Some Information

Higher education in Canada- Some information

I’ve been thinking about the subject for a long time. The main purpose of writing is to come to Canada, how can they come to the best institution and at the same time get the most benefit.

Initially, there are some basic concepts of the universities here.

2 levels in universities in Canada:

  1. Undergraduate (Bachelor’s Degree)
  2. Post Grade (Masters and Ph.D.)


They are mainly divided into three semesters:

  1. F (September-December): It is considered the beginning of the academic year (Education Year). Generally, all students are admitted to this semester. The time of admission application is different from the university. Usually in March at the undergraduate level and in the post-grad level in March-April. It is worth noting that the best time to get admission in the university is not to wait for the last time.
  2. Winter (January-April): Many students at Winter Grade Level admire the students. Not many new students are taken at this semester in post-grad. You can still try. The last time of admission is from August to September.
  3. Summer (May-August): Most of the students are on vacation this time. Especially those who fall at the undergrad level. To stay busy in postgraduate research or other activities. Note that most students who come here to study at the Post Graduate level from Bangladesh, get help from the research fund – in return, the professor wisely arranged.


Educational standards:

Study In Canada
spring scenes on West Campus

The most notable aspect of Canadian education is that they are almost equal. All educational institutions are government but ruled by autonomy. The university that offers the program has good infrastructure. So many people have disagreements about the ranking of Canadian educational institutions. So I would say that if you look at other things without having a ranking for studying in Canada, it will be very beneficial. After saying these things. Most programs here are central-li control through the board. Engineering Division is controlled by a board in every province (provinces governed by the state of USA). Other things are less than that.



This is the very important thing. I’m discussing differently.

Cost of stay:

If you want to stay at the university’s campus, you must stay in Dhaka (similar to Hall in Bangladesh). The cost will vary from 3,000 to 7,000 dollars every four months – on the basis of convenience. The cost of eating should be purchased separately in the Mill Plan – if it is in the case it is usually obligatory. The biggest problem is the problem of Bengali students living in Dhaka. It’s very expensive to stay in the mouth – but the trouble is free.

For those who live outside the campus, it costs:

  1. Home Rentals: 250- 800 dollars (low cost if shared)
  2. Contact: Bus Pass (60 $ -150 $) Bus passes for students in many provinces. (E.g. Alberta)
  3. Eat 100-200 $ when cooking at home; Playing outside: 300-600 $
  4. Phone and Internet: Sharing costs greatly reduces. Keep at least $ 50-100.

(Note: Depending on your stay, one can be different from city to city.

Now let’s go to the cost of education. For every academic year, the cost of university fees is about 15,000 to 28,000 Canadian dollars. The cost for immigrants or citizens is $ 4,000 to $ 7,500. At some universities, much less pay (8-14 thousand dollars). Usually, these universities are located in a small town. So, there is less service to the career. But the good aspect is that the cost is very low.

The money will come :

Undergraduate: Canada does not have much advantage for undergraduate. A few universities offer scholarships at this level; Which is far less than the main cost. Some universities – who pay higher salaries, show courtesy to equate regular pay with the scholarship. Good results are available for some small scholarships. If you get multiple scholarships, the pressure goes down – which is very difficult to get. In some universities, you can not get a scholarship because of being an international student. It is important to check it out.

Study In CAnada
Canada, Quebec province, Montreal, the park of McGill University in autumn, bronze statue of James McGill

Here are some programs offering an option called co-op. It’s like an internship. But the companies pay and have a good amount of money. I will write another article about co-op. However, to get into Co-op, it takes a lot of CGPA – an additional course and in some cases, additional examinations are required. The university has to pay the additional fees – but whatever comes, it helps a lot.

Apart from this, there is the facility of Off-Campus Work Permit. To get this facility, however, you have to wait almost a year. You can apply for 6 months after listening to full-time reading, but it takes a total of 7-8 months for the time to collect the paper. Recently, adding to Bangladesh’s list of suspicious countries requires the processing time of at least 3 months instead of 15 days. All of them have to wait a year for permissions to work. Earlier it was illegal to work outside the campus. Before and after on the campus can work for 20 hours – the potential for getting started is very weak. The cost of working out / on campus is possible, making it possible.

Basically I would say, those who are able to pay at least 3 year’s tuition fees + first year’s stay, they should be able to pay. Why? In Canada, international students are seen as product. Education is a major part of Canada’s national exports. The arrangement here is in such a way that there is no one to help if you get financial problems. If you do not have classes in the absence of money, you will not get a work permit. So the danger from everywhere. Once it is in such a situation, it is difficult to get out of it – it is very absurd. Here you will not easily get immigration. If I do not have financial support, then I will say, finish the bachelors in Bangladesh. There are many advantages here in Post Grade


Generally all the students who come to this level come to scholarship and funding. TA (Teaching Assistant- Student Support, especially in degradation), and A (Research Assistant-Assisted in research), and the money that is usually offered by the money in the money, only after the cost of its tuition fee, the home money You can send. But admission is very competitive. The condition is the same – the average will generally be kept. If you are less than this, you have to pay the full salary again. So, keeping in mind this matter, hopefully there will be no problem. And those who can afford to spend but the results are not good they can come at their own expense.



Agents and brokers of Bangladesh may get scared. Direct application from Bangladesh to undergraduate level is a bit difficult. But if the international credit card becomes a lot easier. Below are some links that will help you a lot. If you go to the websites of the university, you will see a link called “proactive student” or “future student” on the beginning page. It is the same on the site of all the universities of the fat. Click here to know which level you are interested in. Now you know what level it is. There you will find all the information, qualifications, application forms available. 2-way application can be done. 1. Through paper 2. Directly online. You can download and print out forms online through the paper. I do not want to say anything that would be a problem to draft a bank – maybe this would be your first obstacle. Remember to apply online – it’s a serious matter. It will not be of any use if you do not pay the necessary fees after the application is completed. And before making an application, it will be the perfect site. Many fake sites can be deceived. Must take the news of the university. Do not believe the university’s words about yourself in the web. Many people claim their good position in some strange rankings – do not worry much about it. What can you see?

  1. The name of the university is that you have heard from someone before.
  2. If you have heard what is heard.
  3. There are different sites in the university that you are interested in – where you go. View their faculty profile. See what’s done in research.
  4. See what the feature is in your interest program.
  5. See if there is anything to claim for them any recent success in that matter. Check it out if
  6. Take the liberty to get university scholarships.
  7. At the post-grad level, before applying to someone at the top of the department (chair, dean, associate dean or any professor who matches your research topic) before applying.
  8. Learn about the university that is located in the city. What are the industries there – what are your needs in those places? At the end of the day, everybody gives priority to the local people.
  9. Take the news about stay facilities and other facilities. This news is available at the university’s international student’s office. (Commonly known as ISO)


I can not remember anything at this time. We’ll add later.

At some level in the post grade level, you will tell you to take a test after coming in – if you do not pass in a module then you will be asked to take some undergrad courses.

Below are some useful site addresses:

  1. http://www.ouac.on.ca/ – It is the University of Ontario’s admissions online site. Apply it or apply it directly. It is reliable. The cost is a bit more – but do not worry about where to pour money and check your admission status online. After applying this site should be checked regularly. Important: Fill in the correct form.
  2. http://www.aucc.ca/index_e.html Canadian universities sites Here you will find many important information. But not all is right (somewhat more like this).
  3. http://oraweb.aucc.ca/dcu_e.html – You can make a list of universities by searching according to the program.
  4. http://cic.gc.ca/english/study/index.asp – Government sites- Study permits and learning about all types of education-related issues and government decisions.
  5. http://www.studyincanada.com/english/index.asp Another useful site.


Those who read the above article, have surely noticed that if I do not have the capability at the undergraduate level, then I would advise not to come. Because of :

  1. The level of education in Bangladesh is not less than the undergraduate level. If you are cautious and if you are open to the eyes and are interested in using new information technology, there will not be much space for Canada.
  2. If you are thinking of coming to Canada without being able to get anywhere in Bangladesh, you will be in danger. First of all, find out your results; The probability of performing well in Canada is less likely. Because learning in Canada is very difficult. There will be no help anywhere because of not having money again. Working + salary and eating habits make it impossible. Absolutely impossible. So, without losing your life, graduate in a private university in Bangladesh. You will find many favorable environments in the country. Then come to Immigration and apply it. I have a desire to write another about it.

Today, until today There may be many mistakes. Someone will benefit if we allow them, and others will also benefit. Hopefully, everyone will see small mistakes in the eyes of forgiveness. If you think the article is unintentional. I did not sleep at night nor write. The head is not working properly. Thanks for reading.