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Canadian Universities with Low Tuition Fees for International Student

North American countries run by the International Standards Education program; Canada, at the expense of education, joining the preferred profession at the end of the course of education, and also for the benefit of the citizens of other countries due to the advantage of high education, Facilities for higher education here …

Why would you go to read

Universities of Canada, including University of Victoria, McGill University, University of Toronto and Queens University, have a great share of world-renowned universities. The renowned university degrees are recognized worldwide. Bright future and career structure which can play a big role.

The education system and admission sessions

In Canada, there are four types of degrees in the education system: masters, postgraduate, doctoral and diploma degrees. Here also a student can study full time or part-time. Besides the courses, there are co-operative education, distance learning, continuing education courses in the universities. January to April – Winter semester, from May to August – Summer semester and September to December fruit semester. Since academic year starts in the F Semi semester, this semester has the opportunity of admission to foreign students.

The subject of study

About ten thousand in the graduate level and about three thousand in the post-graduate level. Among them, education, business administration, economics, history, English, computer science, food and nutrition science, biology, materials, chemistry, electronics, medical science, marine affairs, law, chemical engineering and information management etc.

The medium of study

English and French are two languages in Canada. So all the universities have the opportunity to study in these two languages. But the university authorities will have to inform the student who is willing to wear any language. If the student is interested in reading the English language, the total should have a score of more than 6. If you want to read French, you must have passed the University’s own Language Lab exam.

Eligibility for admission

For admission to the graduate degree, a student must show at least 12 years of age certificate. In addition, ITSL will get a minimum of 6-6.5 scores. However, some universities have now been certified and compulsory for Sat-2. It takes 3 to 4 years to get this degree. In addition to achieving a post-graduate degree, the student must show at least 16 years of age certificate. Also here IELTS should get at least 6-6.5 score. Besides this, some universities require GRE, GMAT. This degree is valid for 1 year. In Canada, the opportunity to pursue full-time research for Ph.D. degrees is available.

Where to do IELTS / TOEFL

There are opportunities for IELTS in the British Council and the IDP.

Important papers

The application forms, money order receipt, all educational qualifications certificates and photocopies of the English version of Marksheets, the latest educational institute permission to be admitted. Score sheets of TOEFL or IELTS score sheet, SAT, GRE, GMAT, (subject to demand). Photocopy of certificates of financial solvency and passport on behalf of the sponsor

Admission application and visa processing

You will need to collect the application form from the university’s website and you can mail it to the required information on the Admission Office of the University. Office documents will be available, documents required for the visa will be available. The activities related to the admission process usually start with 1-year hand. Usually, the decision of the organization is made within 6 to 8 months of the deadline for applying.

Visa should be collected by visiting the Canadian Embassy in Bangladesh for the visa application letter, financial solvency papers and necessary documents from the University. And when the visa is collected, study permits are required. Meanwhile, the study permit is collected from 7 to 13 thousand takes from the embassy. Visa processing ends when the study permits.

The best universities in Canada

University of Alberta Edmonton (www.umontreal.ca)

University of Montreal (www.ualberta.ca)

Dalhousie University, Halifax (www.dal.ca)

University of British Columbia Vancouver (www.ubc.ca)

Urak University, Toronto (www.yorku.ca)

The University of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan (www.usask.ca)

University of Toronto (www.utoronto.ca)

Queen’s University, Kington (www.queensu.ca)

Memorial University, St. Jones (www.mun.ca)

McGill University (www.mcgill.ca)

How much is the cost

Canada has different types of tuition fees. According to the area and the type of teaching, the tuition fee is charged. However, out of the local students, the tuition fee is to be paid more. Generally, the cost for a bachelor’s degree is 17 to 20 thousand dollars. And costs 12 to 20 thousand dollars for postgraduate, doctoral and associate degrees. It is also compulsory for international students to stay in the university for the first six months. However, they can stay outside the campus later. In that case, the authorities will have to apply.

The cost of living

In Canada, there is also a difference in the life spent in Canada. Students stay at university dormitories to stay in Campus. The cost of a student is 4 to 7 thousand dollars per 4 months. However, if you want to stay outside the campus, it costs $ 250 to $ 800 a month. One month’s meal costs between 200 and 600 dollars. Typically transportation costs 60 to 150 dollars per month. However, students do not need to pay for transport in many places. After spending $ 50 to $ 100 on the Internet and use of the Internet, Canada’s different cities cost different. The cost of the area is a bit more. The rent is 400 to 1 thousand dollars. It is only 20 to 25 dollars per day The meal cost 500 to 800 dollars a month.

Job opportunities

Students in Canada have adequate work opportunities. However, the work permit is required in this case. In case of work permit, the student who works in the institution will give the student permit if the student leaves the holidays during the class. There is also a chance to work in Canadian universities. The work permit is not required for university work. If you can work as per the facility, it is possible to send money to your country by paying the cost of living here.


Although there is a large number of tuition fees in Canada, there are plenty of scholarships. Therefore, Bangladeshi students must first apply to the Education Ministry. After that, the interest to be admitted to the university will be contacted at Financial Aid office. Also, Canada’s main scholarships are:

Canadian Graduate Scholarship in Venice

Find the most popular scholarship for students. The government of Canada offers this scholarship. In this scholarship, the student gets 50,000 Canadian dollars a year. Whose term is three years This scholarship is usually given for Ph.D. research? The http://goo.gl/JgFnNx link will help students in Canada’s Graduate Scholarship in Venice.

IDRC Doctoral Research Award

This scholarship offers more priority to students from developing countries like Bangladesh. This scholarship is provided every year. The http://goo.gl/5EvIbc link will help students to identify IDRC Doctoral Research Award Scholarship.

Visiting Fellowship in Canadian Government Laboratories

Through the Fellowship Program, young scientists and engineers from developing countries are given the opportunity to work in the Canadian governmental laboratory. Http://goo.gl/13NVaB Link will help students visit the Fellowship in Canadian Government Laboratory Scholarship.