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Before choosing the course, some important information about German universities and studies

After a large part of those who arrived in Germany in the past year, the courses have already changed, or are thinking of changing. As a result, almost all of them have been lost for the last six months to 1 year. It is a tragic trend, it can not be judged in any way by success in Germany with Visa only. Successful termination of the course and establishing itself as the qualification of the job market can be pronounced.

Those who do not care enough about choosing the course from the country first, or do not like the course with their profile, they will wait for their arrival in Germany just after the new horror. Many even face this reality and lose interest in studies. Subsequently, the German system, or Germany, says it is difficult to control its mistakes. Trying to write this will help you to find the right course in Germany with some information for high school enthusiasts.

  • All universities have almost the same degree of the degree in Germany. Here, the candidate’s own merit is judged, and no one cares about it from which university he has come from.
  • Almost all universities are regulated by the state. And their values are very close.
  • There is no need to worry about the university’s ranking.
  • If you know basic German language, Part-time job is available in any major city.

Things to remember during the course search:

  • If you can successfully complete any course there is a future. Whether in Germany or in other countries. There are no courses available except for the reasons here.
  • Ask yourself questions while searching for a course

o Is this my own choice of course? Am I interested in doing this thing throughout my life?

o Am I eligible to successfully complete this course?

o Near the course of each course, there will be a course coordinator or professor’s email or other communication media. If you are not sure about the future goals or career of this course, you can get the correct answers if they are emailed.

o Choosing the right course is more important than selecting cities or universities. If you prefer the same or nearby courses in two universities, then only you can compare to the university, otherwise not! Similarly, the course and university will be selected first, then the city can be considered.

Where to find the course

Example 1 – Want to do masters in mechanical engineering, English Medium

Select Master from Degree In Germany
Select Master from Degree
  1. Go to www.study-in.de site. Click Advanced Search down there.
  2. Do not choose Masters from the Degree tab first.
  3. Choose a course from select a field of study. After typing here, the names of all the topics matching the drop-down list are shown. Or you can choose Engineering Science-> Mechanical Engineering from the Course of Study box.
  4. Selecting the English Language from the Course Language will only be selected in the course of the courses taught in English.
  5. Eventually, 17 types of courses and links were found in output with SEARCH presses.
  6. Clicking on the link of APPLIED COMPUTATIONAL MECHANICS, a brief description of the course, the eligibility of the admission, the application deadline and the course and the University website. Results link

Example 2 – Want to Bachelor in Medicine, Medium German

  1. Go to www.study-in.de site. Click Advanced Search down there.
  2. Do not choose Bachelor first from the Degree tab.
  3. Choose the Course from Course of Study-> Fields of Study. Or you can search by typing Medicine in the Search Term box.
  4. Select Language: Course Language-> German
  5. With the SEARCH press, the list of 269 courses and detailed information link can be found in the output.

Results link

Another excellent site to find courses


It is worth noting that every university has an Advisory service to find the course.