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Student Visa and Higher Education Costs in Canada

study in Canada

What is the possibility of getting Canada’s visa? Did you know, how many years did Canada’s student visa success rate in Bangladesh? According to Canada’s Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship IRCC (EDW) data, India has the highest 68% visa rate in South Asia, although the visa rate in Bangladesh is not …

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Higher Education in Canada- Some Information

Study In Canada

Higher education in Canada- Some information I’ve been thinking about the subject for a long time. The main purpose of writing is to come to Canada, how can they come to the best institution and at the same time get the most benefit. Initially, there are some basic concepts of …

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Ten Reasons Germany May be Your Best Destination for Higher Education

Studying In Germany

Germany is the world’s 3rd most popular destination for higher education. Twelve percent of the students of German universities come from different countries. Germany is an attractive place for higher education and honored by German university degree employers. Why Germany is your destination! If you see, for ten reasons that …

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What We Need to Know Before Coming to Germany

Moving to Germany

Every year, a large number of foreign students come to take higher education in Germany. Low-cost high-quality education is available in Germany. However, prior to landing on the plane to Germany, students need to know some things. Read them. There is no tuition fee, however There are no tuition fees …

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