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Job Search in the US

Job Search for international students can be hard, as owners may well be unacquainted about cultural variety and visa requirements. It is your job to give this information to owners. The U.S. job market is perhaps extremely different from that of your home country, and you should do all you can to study about it.

Difficulties International Students Face

Job Search is always difficult, but for international students, the method is even more hard and frustrating. Repeatedly, employers are dubious to hire international students. This can be for a number of cause. The most common reasons include:

  • Complication and misunderstandings pertaining visas
  • Hiring international students can be expensive and time- swallowing
  • Awe of new hires leaving after 6 months or a year
  • Anxiety that the student might have poor English efficiency

Whether these perceptions are fair or not, the truth is that many owners will rental US students over international students. Don’t disappointment, though; there are association in the US that hire students from abroad, and it is feasible for you to search a great job in the US.

Job Hunting as an International Student

As an international student, job hunting will be a little more complex for you than it might be for US students. Here are some tips to keep in mind through the method.

Start Early

This is good counsel for all job seekers, but it particularly valid for international students. It is going to take you longer to search job with a company that will bail employees who necessity work visas, so the sooner you start, the better!

Research Your Situation

You are going to necessity to know the rules and act of your specific condition. Make sure you know which visas you requirement, including the different probability, deadlines, and potential expense. The more intimate you are with these things, the more confident you will grope when applying for jobs.

Take Advantage of Your School’s Resources

Your school is sure to grant profession services, and they are alike to have a good deal of wisdom helping international students to search jobs in the US imitating graduation. Take benefit of that experience, and set up a meeting with a career trainer to consult your specific condition and aim. You will also want to attend career fairs and talk to the recruiters, develop relationships. And follow up with them for effective interviews.


Around 70% of jobs are found through flawless relation. Take benefit of your school’s community; talk to alumni groups who have gone through the same method you are. Build up relationships with your professors and even parents of your American friends.

Stay Positive and Be Persistent

Job searching can be tedious and demoralizing. You might experience that you are working yourself to the bone, with no remarkable results. The significant thing now is to not give up. A positive behavior and faith in your skill will show in everything that you do, and will make employers want to invest in you.

Golden Rules of Job Hunting

As with all job searches, there are a few golden rules you should always follow:

  1. Research the proprietor absolutely, either via their website or calling their offices to get more information sent to you. Do inquiry on-line to take a look at if you can find any articles or other information about the company. The more you research the company, the best chance you will have at an interview.
  2. Understand your personal qualities, such as your potency and weaknesses. If you can make a list of these attribute, you will be capable to draw on them in an interview.
  3. Wherever feasible, mail your resumeto the company unless it particularly asks for you to put forward it via e-mail. This shows that you have put in more endeavors, and it allows you to be more professional and generative in terms of statement.
  4. Always follow upwith companies when you have sent in your resume for a job. After one or two weeks, call to make sure that they have accepted your resume.
  5. Before you go on an interview, always studyas much as possible. There are many good websites where you can practice quiz questions.
  6. If no written job statement is given, always ask for one, as well as a company prospectus or outline.
  7. At the interview, always wear a business suit, keep your normal countenance neat and tidy, and remain confident with eye contact and potent, strong answers.

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