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Master the Mainframe

IBM Master the Mainframe contest 2018

The contest is sponsored by the IBM Z Academic persuasive, which has provided mainframe training and resources to students at more than one thousand (1,000) schools in seventy (70) countries. By participating in the compete you learn, ready for a career – and you may win award.

Except the awesome prizes, you can get unexampled expression to a variety of systems, software, and products. You can earn an Enterprise Computing Open Badge for your resume and social attendances to cachet potential employers. Yup, that’s right. This competition can even land you a job.


Part 1 Prizes: Snag your Swag

  • Twenty five ($25) USD Amazon/Alibaba Gift Card for seven hundred fifty (750) contestants, taken from the first three thousand (3000) accepted challenges (a 1 in 4 chance) that are 100% correct.

Part 2 Prizes: Indulge Yourself

  • One hundred ($100) USD Mastercard/Visa Gift Cards for the first two hundred (200) challenges that are 100% correct.

Part 3 Prizes: Show Off Your Talent

  • The top 2 individuals from EACH region (N. America, Latin America, S. Asia, APAC, MEA, and Europe) will win a two thousand seven hundred and fifty ($2750) USD travel stipend to visit the head office of IBM in their region and meet with key executives and recruiters on their project.
  • Each winning distinct will receive a “Master the Mainframe Global Winner” Hoodie.
  • The top three individuals globally will receive an HTC Vive worth seven hundred ninety nine ($799) USD.

Total prize money seventy six thousand ($76,000) USD


  • Anyone who is currently a student at the high school or university level can compete.
  • No experience is obligate.
  • The contest teaches the efficiency you’ll need and the competition difficulty enhancement as you advancement through the contest phases.

Eligible Regions: Open for all


Apply online through the given link.

For more information please visit their official website.

Application Deadline: December 30, 2017


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