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Higher Education in America

Higher Education in America: Know the visa application process

America or the United States is one of the leading countries in the field of higher education. Like many other countries of the world, a large number of students go to America every year for higher education.


In the US higher education institutions, the following degrees are given:

* Associate Degree

* Bachelor’s Degree

* Master’s Degree

* PhD or Doctorate degree


* Spring Semester: From January to May

* Summer Semester: From May to July

* Fist Semester: From August to December

 Application Process:

To apply for admission in American universities, the following application process is to be followed:

* Please verify the deadline for submission of application in your desired section first.

* Enter the admission office directly to the application form and other information.

* You can also download the application form from the university’s website.

* Admission Office will tell you all the information related to admission.

Some universities have online admission procedures.

* You can start the admission process with at least one year’s time.

* University authorities usually give their decision within 6 to 8 months.


Educational and linguistic qualifications for admission to different courses at the University of American and the course of the course:

Course Name Educational Qualification Duration
Associate Degree Completion of at least 12 years of education 2 year full-time study
Bachelor’s Degree Completion of at least 12 years of education 4 year full-time study
Master’s Degree Completion of at least 16 years of education 2 year full-time study


Doctorate Degree Master’s / M, Phil level education, 3-6 years of full-time study

Language qualification: TOEFL score CBT- 173-250 or IBT 61-100 but some universities may require SAT, GRE or G-MAT.

TOEFL scores CBT- 173-250 or IBT 61-100 but some universities may require SAT, GRE or G-MAT


You can study the following topics in American universities.

Arts and Art History, Biology, Chemistry, Computer, Science, Geology and Environmental Science, Economics, Film and Media, Studies, History, Linguistics, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Modern Languages ​​and Culture, Music, Philosophy and Science Astronomy, Political Science, Chemical, Engineering, Chemistry, Mechanics of Electrical Engineering, Genetics, M.B., Food and Nutrition Science, Law, Etc.

Papers required:

Completed application form

Application fee payment certificates

English version of previous educational qualification certificates The transcript must be completed only by the authorized authorities.

School / College Certificate

Certificate of TOEFL Test Result

GE, SAT or G-MAT’s certificate of results.

Photocopy of passport

Other useful information:

Tuition Fee: The tuition fee is $ 11,000 to $ 20000 in public universities. The cost of private college or university is about 30000 USD

No financial assistance is usually given for undergraduate studies.

At the Master’s and Doctorate levels both government and non-governmental organizations have financial assistance.

 Accommodation and other costs:

The United States requires approximately 4,000 to 10000 USD annually for housing and other expenses.

Medical Insurance:

US $ 500 to $ 1000 a year in medical costs

Job opportunities:

There is no scope for employment in the United States; However, it is possible to be employed in campus based jobs with the approval of the university authorities. But its income is not possible to meet your education or living expenses.

Generally a student in the US can earn 6 to 25 dollars per hour by doing the following tasks.

Working in clinics, night guard, cafeteria, library or office, child care, bertaining, waiting services, fruit harvesting, working in poultry farm, working in laundry.


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