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What IS SAT test

All About SAT: What and why?

For those who want to study abroad at the graduate level, the first choice is either the US or Canada, the SAT is a very important test for them. It is verified by how a student is prepared for education at university level. It is compulsory to submit sat scores with the application of admission to most universities in the United States. However, in those universities where it is not mandatory, the SAT exam scores are very useful for getting the education.

Test method

Critical reading, math, and writing, these three sections have been divided into 3 hours 45 minutes sat test. In every part, a total of 2400 numbers of 800 marks were taken. In Critical reading, the ability to comprehend literally, understand the passage of small and large passages and verify the answers to the questions. The questions in the math section include solutions to problems related to arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. The writing section contains questions related to sentences and paragraph enhancements, where to find the correct answer from multiple possible answers. Apart from this, a composition should be written on the subject in which the time allocation is only 25 minutes.

The minimum score in the SAT exam is 600 and the highest score is 2400. Usually, no minimum score is required to apply for admission to universities, but most students of US reputable universities are between 2000 and 2400.

Where, how to test?

To take the SAT exam, first, go to the official website of the SAT (www collegeboard.org) and submit a fixed fee online. It is important to complete the registration at least one month before the examination. The cost of testing it will be around 10 dollars. Apart from this, the digital copy of passport and PP photo will be required for registration. In this case, note that no other identity card identification card is acceptable.

After the registration, the entrance to the website will be given in the examination day, time and center. In the entrance to the examination, there will be also what will be required for the examiner to be asked.


If you want to do well on an exam, you need to prepare according to the plan. There is a chance to take SAT examinations at different times of the year, so it is a good choice to choose the time of your preparation. In the beginning, it is better to take a practice test from SAT-related books. After understanding the initial score, it is necessary to plan ahead preparation. It does not have to run in coaching to score well in the SAT. If you want to prepare yourself for the SAT exam with the help of the official SAT Study Guide, Baron’s, Princeton Review, Kaplan, Gruber’s, McGraw-Hill etc. All of these books are found in Nilaket of Dhaka. Apart from this, the American Center Library in Baridhara also has an excellent collection of SAT preparatory books, which have access to the library.

But along with the helpful book, regular practice and perseverance will be needed. Since all the questions of the test are done in English, so to improve the score in SAT, it is necessary to increase efficiency in English. Apart from the English part of the books, there will be a need to study regular English books and English newspapers.

References: Official website of SAT CLICK HERE

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