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All About GRE and GMAT

All About GRE and GMAT: What and Why?

Quality studies, lots of reading opportunities, funding available, living standards- All in all, the United States is well ahead of the students’ favorite list. For many students, one of the biggest obstacles to learning in the US is that the GRE or the GMAT test. However, if you can get good score in this examination, admission is admissible, in many cases it is easier to get funding. So know the details of this.

GRE or GIMT are two exams applied for the post-graduate level. Do you have to sit in any one of these Find out which university you want to read, what is the eligibility for admission? Generally, GMAT scores are required if you want to read on trade issues. And GRE scores about human, social science, science etc. It is necessary to register before entering two tests.




Graduate Recognition Examinations (GRE) is a Computer Adaptive Test, which means that the computer must be tested. In 2011, some changes were made in this test method. From now on, you can skip a question and proceed with the next question, if there is time, then you can come back to that question. Three hours 45 minutes during the whole test. There are six sections in it. After each division, a one-minute break will be given. Two verbal reactions, two quantitative reactions, one experimental and experimental and a written part.

Written Test: Written test at the beginning of the GRE. The computer has to write and test. It should write two ‘come’ – issue task and arguments task. One or two paragraphs may be given in some regard. You have to write whether you agree or disagree with it, as well as you have to show the equality. A statement will be presented in the argument Task. You have to argue what the subject has been assessed (assumes). The score will be given from zero to six. You can see such questions and answers on various websites related to GRE preparation. You can see how the answer is given in the answer. You can prepare yourself from it. You can not take any spell checker help in this test.

Verbal rezoning: In each vertebral part, answer 20 questions in thirty minutes. Generally, four or five answers will be given, the correct one has to be chosen. There will be questions about filling the void, completion of sentence, reading comprehension etc. There can be more than one answer to a question, both of the answers should be mentioned, no number can be found in the partial answer.

Quantitative Reasoning: In answer to 20 questions in 35 minutes, each part has to be answered. There will be questions about general mathematical calculations, algebra, geometry.

Other: The research or experimental part can be verbal or quantitative. The score will not be added to the main test. However, the candidates will not be informed whether the research or experimental part. As a result, all the parts should pay equal attention.

Score: Scores are given between 130 and 170 in both parts of the Vertical and Quantitative.




The Graduate Management Admissions Test or the GMAT will be taken for three hours and 30 minutes in the test. Analytical Writing 30 Minutes, Integrated Reasoning 30 Minutes, Quantitative 75 Minutes, Verbal 75 Minutes

Analytical: In this section, thirty minutes will answer a question. A statement will be released. It needs to be analyzed. Numbers will be given between one to six.

Integrated Recognition: Graphics, text, charts, etc. will be analyzed to answer questions. There are 12 questions.

Quantitative: There are 37 questions from general mathematics, algebra, geometry.

Verbal: There are 37 questions for reading comprehension, speech analysis etc.

Preparation: You can buy books in the market for the preparation of these tests. Barons, Kaplan, Princeton etc can help with the book.

You can also see this website: www.ets.org, www.mba.com

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